As the lab facilities are concerned,our college is having a sophisticated computer lab with all the facilities. We have as many computers as the students needed. We have scanning and printing facilities inside the lab itself as well as a Xerox machine. There is a separate lab facility for both UG and PG. The computers are having all the softwares needed for the study purpose. It helps the students to get the idea of software development and to get familiar with various programming languages.

Both of the labs are networked with high speed Internet. These facilities aid all the necessities of the students as well as the growing technological trends.


The Electronics lab provides the students a strong footing in the fields of Analog and Digital Circuit Design, Communication, Instrumentation and Control, Embedded systems, VLSI Technologies, Microwave Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors. The program offered here provides the students with a firm foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of electronics science. The labs are continuously updated every year.

Electronics Lab I

The lab has an excellent collection of basic components in all range for conducting practicals. 30 Cathode Ray Oscilloscopes of different ranges are available in the lab. It also consists of different Circuit Trainer kits for study of experiments, Function generators, Microprocessor Trainer Kits, T.V Trainer Kit and power supplies.

Electronics Lab II

This lab has been set up for P.G students and is equipped with the latest Digital Signal Processor Training Kits; Microprocessor/Microcontroller Trainer Kits for various experiments. The lab is alos equiped with computers, with all terminals connet\cted to LAN. Internet facility is also made available. Both the labs are with A/C comforts




Our college library has a collection of books related to both electronics and computer science.We have a wide collection of study materials.

It includes the textbooks specified by the university for each semester as well as the references to these subjects. Apart from the subject related books,our library has Avery good collection of classics in both Malayalam and English.It includes novels,short stories,poems,autobiographies, etc. of famous authors. Along with these our library has various magazines, news papers,scientific journals, career journals, etc which offer the students a better understanding about the current affairs.

We also have a digital library which has a wide collection of DVDs,CDs, videotapes, audio books etc. These are both study materials which act as reference as well as CDs or DVDs for installing applications. It helps the students to make their study easier.

One library has a well maintained library management system for maintaining the book issues and returns,new arrivals, existing collection details and so on.It is handled both manually and digitally.

Sri.  Seenamol P.M

Sri. Ismail Kassim
Library Assistant